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New hairstyle miley cyrus style

Musician, This time trying to make news about the young artist may be the same age with me maybe ..
Her name is Miley Cyrus
1992 Birth of tennessee
He began his career in Nashville, Tennessee, the city where Cyrus was born.

Breakthrough in 2006 with Hannah Montana
Relationship status Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still a puzzle to this day. Neither of them ever caught on camera together since reportedly broke up although Miley continued to deny the news end their relationship. However, in a recent interview the singer of hits "We Can not Stop" as if hinting that he had indeed broken up with Liam. Miley admitted she had sacrificed everything for his career at this time, including an affair.
Not only that, the 20-year-old actress also revealed now he just wants to focus on her musical career. and photos of hair styles Hair cut.

The young artist has just cut hair, as written on his Twitter. "Just got a hurrrr cut." The tweet got a lot of response from his fans shocked. Miley made ​​a confirmation that he was no longer making a splashy madness. He just cut his hair 3 inches long. Indeed, Miley had a hard time lately because his photo furore

I took the news from wikipedia and browse from search engines

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