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The Sopranos (Season 5) DVD Review

The Sopranos centers around the life of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), a middle-aged father of two, husband, and successful businessman. But unlike most sitcom families, Tony is constantly irritated by his children, Meadow and Anthony (Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler). Furthermore, he regularly cheats on his wife Carmela (Edie Falco), and to top it off, he’s the head of a mafia crime organization. The constant confusion and stress in Tony’s life pushes him to seek out a therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco), so he can unload his problems. Following a the outline of a traditional prime time soap opera, The Sopranos shies away from the glorification of the mobster lifestyle and paints a picture of a world not much different than that of the average middle-class family… The Sopranos (Season 5) DVD offers a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere “Two Tonys” in which Tony makes a play for Dr. Melfi following his recent separation from Carmela, but Carmela calls on Tony for help in fending off a bear that keeps returning to their house. Meanwhile, Christopher gets in an argument with Paulie when he realizes he’s always stuck paying for dinner… Other notable episodes from Season 5 include “All Happy Families…” in which Tony and Carmela fight over A.J.’s behavior while Carmela becomes interested in A.J.’s school guidance counselor, and “Marco Polo” in which Tony and Carmela reunite (at least for one evening) after she invites Tony to her father’s birthday party… Below is a list of episodes included on the Sopranos (Season 5) DVD: Episode 53 (Two Tonys) Air Date: 03-07-2004 Episode 54 (Rat Pack) Air Date: 03-14-2004 Episode 55 (Where’s Johnny?) Air Date: 03-21-2004 Episode 56 (All Happy Families…) Air Date: 03-28-2004 Episode 57 (Irregular Around the Margins) Air Date: 04-04-2004 Episode 58 (Sentimental Education) Air Date: 04-11-2004 Episode 59 (In Camelot) Air Date: 04-18-2004 Episode 60 (Marco Polo) Air Date: 04-25-2004 Episode 61 (Unidentified Black Male) Air Date: 05-02-2004 Episode 62 (Cold Cuts) Air Date: 05-09-2004 Episode 63 (The Test Dream) Air Date: 05-16-2004 Episode 64 (Long Term Parking) Air Date: 05-23-2004 Episode 65 (All Due Respect) Air Date: 06-06-2004

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